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Scoring Fame and Fortune

2011年 10月 13日

We had a photo society trip to Ise, Toba and Shima during the summer with another chapter from Nagoya. Both chapters were interested in having a little photo contest, so we submitted photos and let the judges figure it out. Last night at our monthly meeting we heard the results: I was very surprised when I heard that I had taken fourth place.

Both of these chapters are filled with people who have been practicing photography for a long time. Also a lot of them are retired, giving them free time to shoot away. I have never placed better than sixth in our monthly contest – which is just our chapter members – let alone in a bigger contest.

I was further surprised when our teacher came around with a prize envelope for me. I had no idea there were prizes. There was a certificate for 1000 yen inside. Doing a little math, you’ll figure out that a thousand yen is not a lot of money; particularly, if you back out the printing costs. We had a little dinner afterwards and some of our senior members were apologetic that my prize was so small; however, I assured them that I was just happy for the acknowledgement amongst such elite company.

Next month, the winning photos will come to our monthly meeting for a study session. I am looking forward to seeing the others. Contests after photo shoots are always tough because people are generally shooting the same subject. The fanciest lens and the best printing make a difference there; however, I think I got into the top ranks by looking at the world from a different angle: literally. Ironically, the photo is one which I totally overlooked in my first few passes through what I shot; sometimes you need to look again.

After the study session, I think I can upload an image for you. I’ll explain the shot a little at that time.



2010年 1月 18日

Another of my fellow teachers in Tsu (津) also lives in Ise (伊勢) with his wife and new baby. His wife’s family is originally from Toba (鳥羽) and run a cafe there called Ciao.

We took our visitors from Yokohama (横浜) there for a little lunch before soaking in a nice hot spring in the afternoon.

Ciao serves a variety of foods: pizzas, pastas, dorias and sandwiches, but more importantly – DESSERTS. Cakes, cookies, and sweets abound.

Recently we have taken interest in their parfaits. They have three sizes, which I’ll translate as mini, normal, and MONSTER. Monster is actually not all that enormous, except for the fact that you can choose any cake from the case and it is ensconced in the upper portion of the parfait. Quite an amusing site!

One lesson we learned was ordering a baked cheesecake to put in a parfait is not the best idea. Being much firmer than the ice cream it is tough to cut into it without disaster; however, the staff was one step ahead of us and had already provided a small plate to put the cake onto, so it all worked out. My recommendation is to pick something fluffier for your MONSTER, perhaps a chocolate chocolate cake.

Anyhow, we enjoyed ourselves immensely and got fattened up just in time to get naked in front of strangers.