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Scoring Fame and Fortune

2011年 10月 13日

We had a photo society trip to Ise, Toba and Shima during the summer with another chapter from Nagoya. Both chapters were interested in having a little photo contest, so we submitted photos and let the judges figure it out. Last night at our monthly meeting we heard the results: I was very surprised when I heard that I had taken fourth place.

Both of these chapters are filled with people who have been practicing photography for a long time. Also a lot of them are retired, giving them free time to shoot away. I have never placed better than sixth in our monthly contest – which is just our chapter members – let alone in a bigger contest.

I was further surprised when our teacher came around with a prize envelope for me. I had no idea there were prizes. There was a certificate for 1000 yen inside. Doing a little math, you’ll figure out that a thousand yen is not a lot of money; particularly, if you back out the printing costs. We had a little dinner afterwards and some of our senior members were apologetic that my prize was so small; however, I assured them that I was just happy for the acknowledgement amongst such elite company.

Next month, the winning photos will come to our monthly meeting for a study session. I am looking forward to seeing the others. Contests after photo shoots are always tough because people are generally shooting the same subject. The fanciest lens and the best printing make a difference there; however, I think I got into the top ranks by looking at the world from a different angle: literally. Ironically, the photo is one which I totally overlooked in my first few passes through what I shot; sometimes you need to look again.

After the study session, I think I can upload an image for you. I’ll explain the shot a little at that time.


Happy Birthday Dad

2009年 6月 7日

I can’t access the phone at a reasonable hour in Seattle, so I’ll just post some good wishes here. Also, as usual, I won’t post his age, but he was born before The Magic Carpet issue containing Pearls from Macao was published.

Also, some newsy stuff. When I was leaving the apartment to come to the internet cafe, a man in a car eagerly waved me down and told me he was a friend of a friend. When I questioned him about his identity, he said he was the building owner. What are the odds? My previous landlord was also connected to me. I feel a bit safer now.

Met my future in-laws’ former neighbors from their hometown. One set seemed guardedly polite, the others were bubbling over with happy manners. I think I will have to stop in on them when I’m in town.

Approximately two months til departure for the Seattle trip. Excited, nervous, and unprepared.