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Much to My Chagrin

2012年 9月 6日

Every March, when the school year comes to a close, it is common to receive trophies, letters, or other presentations from the students. Sometimes spontaneous movement of the children’s hearts prompts it. Other times, teachers assign it to get pupils to unwittingly practice their language arts skills. Regardless of origin they are always enjoyable to read: first, because they are moving; and second, because they are cute.

Definitely, children say the darndest things and one sadness is that I can’t afford to store all the cards, letters, and presents for posterity: partly for fire safety reasons.

Last Spring, at one of my favorite schools, each second grade class had a representative write a letter for everyone. Instructions from the teacher indicated that group opinion – rather than personal – should be expressed. I included one letter here from a boy who couldn’t resist slipping in a sentence about his regrettable memory from my class. He placed it in the middle and the teacher, busy wrapping up the school year, didn’t catch it; but we had some laughs when I showed it to her.


Dear Erik, thank you for always teaching us so much more than English, like pronunciation and many other things. Your slightly ‘unconventional’ games are also very fun. “Recently when we played the board game, much to my chagrin, I came in fourth.” When you read picture books to us we really enjoy it. Everyone feels that when we play games or you read to us, those are the most enjoyable times. From Second grade, class 1


Winds of Change

2010年 2月 18日

Recently an anonymous poster commented on my personal policies and while I could see their point, I had to disagree because I thought they were comparing apples and oranges; however, their follow-up comments revealed something interesting.

My reader said they had read many of my older posts and newer ones and felt there was a dramatic shift. Let’s just sum it up as ‘the older posts have more heart’. Reading that set me back a bit. Over the last year a lot of dramatic stuff has happened, both good and bad, and particularly things that were very emotionally taxing for me. There is no doubt in my mind that facets of this show through.

I am thinking about reading through my old posts to see if I notice any trends as well; however, there are over 12 hundred posts and I don’t know when I can find time to read through my own writing undisturbed. This is something I have been wanting to do anyhow, because I noticed errors in older posts. It is interesting to see how my opinion of things changes as I learn more language or culture.

Hearing my regular readers’ feelings about changes in content or tone would be interesting. Noticed anything?