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Putting on the Ritz – for the French

2008年 11月 28日

Yesterday, while running around Nara and – as yet unmentioned – other destinations, I stumbled across something odd. Circle K is pretty popular here (which helps me when I am teaching the names of shapes) so, no surprise that we stopped to steal their bathroom; however, I was surprised to see two new products from Nabisco, and more surprised to see the reason.

Apparently Circle K feels compelled to promote the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations with France. They have about a dozen special products that play up the angle and there is a drawing for many prizes. So, what could come from Nabisco that screams France?

Well, you know how they sell Ritz crackers with artificial cheese-like spread between them? Oh, by the way, that compels a confession on my part. I think everyone has some horrible vice(s). One of mine is that I will buy and eat a whole package of these when I am drunk. Best to avoid convenience stores when drunk… or perhaps to avoid getting drunk.

Our new French-ish products are: Cheddar and Gorgonzola Ritz sandwiches; and Camembert Pepper Ritz sandwiches. Being an eater of the basic product, I had to try these out. My assessment: not worth the trouble. The flavors were not so distinct nor strong; you are better off with real camembert. (Odd that I can find no evidence of these products on the Nabisco website, but I guess that happened before with the Chip Star corn chips.)

I noticed the other day at the supermarket that they had a flavor like Corn Soup or something. I think they will go the way of other products like Kit Kat or Chip Star here, in that they will produce new flavors in quantities that boggle the mind. So we’ve got that to look forward to.