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First Experience

2008年 10月 31日

My girlfriend told me about tsuitachi mochi (一日餅) and it sounded interesting, only she has never experienced it herself. For those of you who know a little Japanese or can read the kanji, you are probably scratching your heads trying to make sense of what you are reading. Tsuitachi is the first day of a month and mochi is made by pounding special rice until it becomes glutinous and yummy.

On the first day of each month, on Okageyokocho (おかげ横丁) – a very old street near the Inner Shrine in Ise – special mochi is served. Restaurants also have special okayu (お粥) – rice porridge – available. Reportedly, one should arrive around 5am if there is to be any chance of acquiring the goodies.

September and October first fell on inconvenient days for making the journey south, but November first is Saturday. I was worried that I would have to return for shuji class, but my knee injury is preventing me from sitting seiza (正座) so I’m taking a break.

I will head to Ise in the afternoon and stay in a hotel since the earliest train from here would be too late. Hopefully, I can join my girlfriend for a relaxing morning tasting new foods.


Out of Commission

2008年 10月 28日

My lingering cold has kept me from a lot of my activities, but not all of them. I was hoping the doctor would prescribe antibiotics (which is ironic, considering I used to refuse to take any med unless forced), but he gave me lozenges and a very small supply of pain killers. Fortunately, I awoke this morning with only a hint of soreness in my throat, so I may be OK. This is about the fourth time one of these persistent colds with sore throat symptoms has come on in Japan. One thought on why they linger is the constant need to talk over a group of 38 children… I really love working at the schools with calm, respectful students.

My knee has also been a problem and I skipped shuji on Saturday because of it. At first I noticed a lot of pain when squatting, so I thought it was a little tendon trouble from too much high-speed “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes” singing; however, it seems a little more vexing. Having no trouble on the stairs yesterday, I thought I was out of the woods, but sitting on the floor in front of my computer I bent my knee and pulled my leg toward my chest. Ouch. That caused significant pain. My guess is now: ligament. Probably an injury received by getting really drunk and dancing around with a 300kg shrine on my shoulder. Let’s just hope it is something that will heal with rest.

Looks like I should take a break from calligraphy for awhile, but my work has been suffering and I want to get back at it. Just another one of the tests of life.