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Flavorful Japan

2010年 2月 5日

Kit Kat ProductsStill buying time by making an easy post from some photos I snapped around Halloween. Nestle is Kit Kat happy in Japan. I’ve written about all the myriad flavors they produce, with new ones coming every month. Not only flavors, but shapes and styles have been on the ticket over the last couple years.

Kit Kat bar is a giant Kit Kat about the same size as a full size snicker. I think the thick chocolate is responsible for my occasional cravings. Fortunately, most stores won’t carry these which gives me time to overcome.

Salt and Carmel flavored Kit Kat balls are in the bag at the top. They are more like rounded cubes, rather than balls. The flavor was a Halloween special and wasn’t too bad.

Kit Kat ProductsThe box contains Cookie Plus, which are like normal Kit Kats with a crunchy cookie layer added in. “Two extra added in (for now)” claims the box to lure us in. Additionally, “Whole wheat flour” is promoted, but it is only 5.2%. If you like crunchy cookies these aren’t bad either.

Finally, the interesting colored ones are a flavor which grabbed my attention above most of the odd flavors that are thrown into the marketplace. They are “Full of Veggies” flavored and carry the Ito En mark, so they are willing to add their reputation to the product. However, it really comes down to being Apple and Carrot “flavored” and actual vegetables are 0.25% (one part in 400 for clarity). They didn’t taste bad, but don’t fool yourself into believing they are about fruits or veggies.

Of course, these photos are a couple months old now and in that time, I’ve seen at least a dozen new Kit Kat products. I just can’t keep up.


Martian Foray Bears Fruit

2010年 1月 21日

Many candies in Japan come in multiple flavors. Kit Kats maybe the most wide spread in this arena. They release regional flavors (to promote tourism), limited time flavors (to promote regular consumption), convenience store limited flavors (to promote multiple lines of sale), big bag flavors (to promote increased consumption), and a variety of sizes and shapes (to draw different types of consumers). Yet today’s story is not about Nestle’s.

M&M's OrangeM&M’s, from Mars Japan, is foraying into this flavorful arena with a new product called, M&M’s Orange. The packaging is quite cute with the orange M&M character unzipping his shell to reveal that he is actually an orange hiding inside. Since the Mission Impossible movies where people peel off perfect disguises of other people, this theme has appeared in all manner of commercials and M&M’s have picked up on it.

Sometimes when I’m talking about calligraphy, or some other fine detail of Japanese culture, my Japanese friends joke that when I go home I peel off my foreigner disguise and I’m really some old Japanese scholar. I play it up by grabbing skin under my jawline and stretching it up like I’m de-masking. The effect is pretty funny.

M&M's OrangeOrange M&M’s come in two colors – orange and white – but as far as my limited taste buds can tell, they are both the same flavor. I expected there to be an even number of each color, but eating them in pairs, I found there were ten orange ones left over.

Oddly, I have only found these at the Pocket Plat kiosk store on the Ujiyamada Station (宇治山田駅) platform: not in the supermarket candy aisle, not in the convenience stores. Perhaps this is because some stores only carry M&Ms in the summer (according to a store owner I interrogated) or because most stores think it won’t sell.

Putting on the Ritz – for the French

2008年 11月 28日

Yesterday, while running around Nara and – as yet unmentioned – other destinations, I stumbled across something odd. Circle K is pretty popular here (which helps me when I am teaching the names of shapes) so, no surprise that we stopped to steal their bathroom; however, I was surprised to see two new products from Nabisco, and more surprised to see the reason.

Apparently Circle K feels compelled to promote the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations with France. They have about a dozen special products that play up the angle and there is a drawing for many prizes. So, what could come from Nabisco that screams France?

Well, you know how they sell Ritz crackers with artificial cheese-like spread between them? Oh, by the way, that compels a confession on my part. I think everyone has some horrible vice(s). One of mine is that I will buy and eat a whole package of these when I am drunk. Best to avoid convenience stores when drunk… or perhaps to avoid getting drunk.

Our new French-ish products are: Cheddar and Gorgonzola Ritz sandwiches; and Camembert Pepper Ritz sandwiches. Being an eater of the basic product, I had to try these out. My assessment: not worth the trouble. The flavors were not so distinct nor strong; you are better off with real camembert. (Odd that I can find no evidence of these products on the Nabisco website, but I guess that happened before with the Chip Star corn chips.)

I noticed the other day at the supermarket that they had a flavor like Corn Soup or something. I think they will go the way of other products like Kit Kat or Chip Star here, in that they will produce new flavors in quantities that boggle the mind. So we’ve got that to look forward to.