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Smoky Comes to Visit

2012年 7月 27日

For about nineteen years, Fritz and Fred were my sweet kitties. Both of them brought me much joy and it has been hard being without them here in Japan; however, on Sunday the 22nd a new kitty came to live with us. Another foreign national in Geino-cho collected a stray and couldn’t care for it, so we took him on.

We are calling him Smoky. His fur is two shades of gray and his eyes – although green – have an appearance of misty grayness. After we assigned the name, we realized he also has the tendency to vanish like smoke. Often we can hear his bell, but can’t find him anywhere. I uploaded six photos to this set in Flickr, please have a look. Here is one of the images for those of you who just want a peep.

Smoky Side 1

He had worms and eggs in his intestines, a fungal infection in his eyes, and an infection in his nose. All of these are fairly common in strays in Japan. We are giving him medicines now, but he seems pretty much healed now and has tons of energy.



2009年 7月 27日

Recently my days are so swarmed with activity that I can’t recall everything without looking back at my calendar, but let’s take a look at a few recent activities, not in order.

  • Called my mom – Having no phone, nor internet has left me incommunicado. Of course, people can call my cell phone from America, but I can’t call them back. Many people are nervous about time differences, strange messages not in English, etc. I picked up a calling card which still runs about 50 cents a minute and grabbed 15 minutes in front of the station in the phone booth (which is like Alec Guiness’s hot box in Bridge over the River Kwai.)
  • Ordered internet service – One trip to the hot box was enough incentive. Actually, one problem here was a need to go during business hours, but I found a little time. They are waiving about 500 dollars in hook-up fees through the end of July, so I was happy to get in under the wire. Yes, I said waiving $500 in connection fees; it costs over $700 to connect to cable in Japan. It also costs a couple hundred to disconnect. Starting August 3rd, I can make more regular updates.
  • Bought another round of bookshelves and storage bins – The front room is almost in order. I do have a lot of goods needing a home, but might opt for the wasteful path of throwing things out.
  • Built bookshelves and tidied up – phase three will start soon; tidier is better.
  • Helped a friend finalize their souvenir shopping before returning to America.
  • Entertained the (future) parents-in-law – this was sudden and unexpected, but a lot of fun. Sure am glad for the tidying up that had just taken place.
  • Visited my friend’s new baby – Just three and a half days old and cute as a button. Mom is looking amazingly well-rested and happy. Baby is strong and has positive features from both folks.
  • Visited my girlfriend’s 95 year old grandmother – probably the kindest reception I have gotten anywhere. She has many features in common with my girlfriend and her father: physical and otherwise. I note an extremely strong spirit and great kindness as family features, but they always laugh at me when I say this. I think most people have trouble seeing kindness in their own father.

Of course, all of this activity occurred just on the weekend. I got a number of laundry loads in as well and line-dried them, hauled out recycling from all the purchases, ate five meals out, and squeezed in some internet cafe time and half a TV show episode. Some of the time was created when calligraphy class got moved to Friday afternoon.

Monday, I’m off to Shigaraki to learn about pottery and make a purchase, then to the in-laws’ to practice Shakuhachi, record English conversations, and do a little pottery. Home at night and up the next morning for a trip to Immigrations…