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Can’t Make Up Your Mind?

2009年 5月 29日

Can’t make up your mind? If you live in Japan, that’s OK. I returned home to my new apartment last night around 7:45 and checked the “mail” on my way upstairs. So far, the mailbox has proven to be a collection piont for flyers from local restaurants and builders of condominiums.

I was very amused by Aoki’s Pizza‘s latest campaign: a 16 variety pizza. The half and half pizza’s and 4 variety pizza’s have been successful, so someone always has to take it further. I can just envision a seemingly unending round of Rock-Paper-Scissors to decide who gets with sector of the pizza.

Also, I had my first visitors. A fellow teacher from Canada and his 7-month pregnant wife. I felt bad that we had no elevator for her and the table and chairs aren’t at the apartment yet. We shared a few beers between the non-pregnant members and talked a lot. I am glad to have good neighbors nearby.

Still no plan on how to get internet access, but today’s school network doesn’t lock down WordPress, so I’m slipping in a short post on my break.


Preparation for Japanese Language Proficiency Test

2008年 12月 6日

Nine short hours from now I will head for the train station to make another attempt at the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT・日本語能力試験). Being sick for several weeks, tied up with special events, and teaching friends on the side; not to mention getting sucked in by the Stargate, have all kept me from studying as much as I would like. What’s the number one rule for taking tests? Don’t get stressed out.

My choice was to be laid back and have a nabe (鍋) party tonight. We ate lots of brain food, drank a bit of beer, and discussed seventh century Asian history for kicks. Hopefully, living in Japan, speaking Japanese everyday, and being well rested will carry me through the test tomorrow. Regardless, I had fun tonight.

Since I met my girlfriend in January, I think my perspective has been shifting. If I bond my life to hers, I have to be ready to spend many, many years here; hence, failing the exam doesn’t concern me so much, since, “There’s always next year.”

Also, I only failed by four percent last year and have learned a lot about approaching the test. One key is that the Reading/Grammar section is ordered to make people run out of time and fail. The first two subsections are loaded with reading for a small number of points. The remaining subsections require about one sentence of reading for each answer. These latter sections clearly carry the most points per time; a wise test taker would attack them first. Merely taking this approach should improve my score by several points. I’ll report more on Monday. Not tomorrow because, of course, I must enter the Sunday Soundcheck… and it will have a bit of a twist.