Gotta Catch’em All


Television systems and broadcasting methods in Japan are a complex mixture which I want to write about later; however, not today. We moved in September and it was not until this week that we are able to receive (almost all) the stations we want properly and be able to record them effectively.

Star Trek’s original series came on the air about the time I was born and ran until I was about five years old. Fortunately it was syndicated and during the 70s we could often watch re-runs. As a small child, I didn’t necessarily follow all of it but was fascinated none the less. Because I was watching in syndication, I have often wondered if I had seen every show. This month, Super Drama TV started showing all of the digitally remastered episodes in order.

Because I am not always home at the right time, and because I want to watch them at least twice, I am happy to have the recorder functioning. Unfortunately – after a little research – I found that there are 79 episodes. It looks like I will have to burn the programs to BluRay discs or my hard drive will get filled up on this alone.

Concurrently they are also showing three other Star Trek series and, on other channels, some of the movies. Japan can definitely be an all or nothing kind of country. Just have to find time to drink from this fire hose now.


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