In Charge of Everything


As a foreigner and assistant teacher, there are many responsibilities I am not allowed. Sometimes; however, rules are bent. Essentially I have been working for the school board for almost eight years and have worked at almost 20 schools. My language skills are fairly strong and I am older than more than half of the full-time teachers. As a result, I have established a fair amount of trust amongst the administrators.

While trust is valuable in this society, there are still many administrators who prefer the safety of the letter of the law. Today I am working at a school where the practicality and efficiency of the operation take a high priority, so I was given authority. And no mean authority either: total autocracy!

Every teacher was in a study conference from 9am to noon and 1:30 to 4pm. Our vice-principal arranged for the office phone to be forwarded to him, so he could catch the calls. His request of me was to monitor the physical comings and goings. We locked the front entry and any visitors needed to ring the bell to gain access.

Unlocking the door, evaluating their reason for entering, and monitoring their departure (with lots of bowing and thanking for their troubles) all fell to me. We were expecting nobody, but got a few. It is good to feel useful!


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