Moving (Back) North


May of 2009 saw me leaving Tsu after five years living in the capitol of Mie for the historic and spiritual Ise. Two objectives dramatically inspired the relocation south. Naturally the first reason was to be able to see her more than once a week, but the second is more involved.

My then-fiancé was living 24×7 in a home for abused and neglected children providing guidance and care. Even for people who love the children and the work deeply, there is a significant amount of stress from living in such an intense situation. As a result, she sought soothing and healing ways to spend her brief breaks each day. Renting an apartment minutes from her workplace allowed us to create a bedroom, kitchen and dining area to her desires. Even if I was up at work in Tsu, she could study at her table, make her tea, listen to her music, nap on her futon, concoct goodness in her kitchen, … Essentially, I desired that she should have her space where she engage herself in the ways which most cleared her mind and refreshed her heart.

As of the end of March, my now-wife, left her position after all these years under the prompting of many plans and hopes for our new life. Resigning leaves us in a nicely arranged apartment to which we are accustomed; however, it also leaves me living more than an hour from work without compelling reasons to be there.

We discussed moving back to Tsu a bit since March, but started looking in earnest in late June. Hoping to move at the end of August, when teachers can easily take vacation, I tried to push the house-hunting efforts along. My desired schedule proved too aggressive, yet we have found our new home and signed a lease commencing September 15th.

Allowing for two days of intense cleaning, we contracted movers for the morning of the 17th. Critical utilities (gas, water, electric, and internet) need to be arranged and we will rest a little easier. My expectation is that proximity to my workplaces will free up 10 to 20 hours of my time each week, to be used for doing more chores, studying more calligraphy and Japanese, and blogging.


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4 Responses to “Moving (Back) North”

  1. Stefanie Says:

    Sounds like it will be a good move. Good luck with the packing and all that!

    • びっくり Says:

      Fortunately we have been using storage cases for almost everything in the closets. The movers will take those cases as they are. We will have to pack all the kitchen items and the books. I think it will go quickly.

      We are also adopting a couple kittens if everything goes to plan.

  2. Michelle Says:

    Good news, it seems! I’m glad you found a new place and good luck with all the details of the move.

  3. Black Crow Castle « Neo-新びっくりブログ Says:

    […] to be deterred, I am looking forward to gaining ten to twenty hours of free time per week via our upcoming move. For now, rather than apologize for the dearth of trip photos, I will post one gem – if I may […]

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