Cold Turkey Commute


When the current majority party wrested control from the LDP they did it by promising just about everything to everybody. Naturally this won’t work with the current budget problems. One of their promises was to make toll on the expressroads free. Personally I don’t like this idea, because these roads are expensive to maintain and the funds will have to come from somewhere. Rather I would prefer that they try to adjust the tolls in different areas to maximize income and keep traffic flowing on these roads. But, I digress.

The free tolls didn’t appear for awhile and everyone was wondering what would happen. Then about a year ago, they announced a trial program in limited areas. One of the areas was between my house and work… convenient for me, I guess. The program had approximately a 9 month window. When that was expiring, I was expecting to have to cough up money; but, just before the period ended they masked out the end date on all the signs. Here we are, almost 3 months later, filled with assumptions that it will go on and on…

This morning I was reading the announcement boards as I whizzed under them on my way to school. 無料化終了 appeared in lights. June 19th, they will end the free program. Short notice indeed. Now I will have to make some tough choices.

I wonder if going back on this promise will sting the Democratic Party’s support.


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3 Responses to “Cold Turkey Commute”

  1. titus2woman Says:

    Just thinking of you and your lovely! I would also love some news about Japan. I’m sure there is still much to be mended, and yet sadly we don’t get any more updates in the news. 😦

  2. titus2woman Says:

    I just learned that Japan is the only place where Zimas are still around. Man! I could sure go for a Zima right now…

  3. びっくり Says:

    Ha ha ha… thank you for making me smile. Yes, Zima seems to be very popular here. It feels like jumping back about 20 years. (Personally I never really cared for them however.)

    We keep getting more depressing news updates from the earthquake disaster area; particularly, radiation related news or cover up related news. The people are working hard to get life back to normal and many of us are encouraged by people’s strong spirit.

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