Meeting the Sardine


Many times my schedule is shuffled around without warning. For example, last Tuesday I climbed to the third floor to teach my fourth grade class and stopped short at the door. The teacher was not there, the students were not there, and all of the students drawers were on top of the desks. At the end of the day the desk drawers are placed on top of the desks, so this was a clear sign that the students were gone and would not be returning. Apparently they were off at the local snack manufacturing factory on a field trip. We often complain that perhaps they don’t take English education seriously. Not only was my class canceled, but they couldn’t even be bothered to tell me beforehand.

Of course, not all schools are this way. Today we had a camera crew filming my class and other activities during the day. Our vice-principal called me on Wednesday to warn me and apologize for the short notice. Quite considerate. The personality was Iwashi (いわし) which means sardine in Japanese. He is a flamboyant comedian who films a show for the local ZTV cable channel called ‘Schooljack’ (an unfortunate name, perhaps?) which airs several times a week. He has a blog at Laff Japan.

Our school should be highlighted from November 1st to 5th. Estimated run time for the program is 15 minutes and it should air four times a day. My segment is planned to be 90 seconds. I hope they edit well and show my good side. The third graders were tense so I had to work hard to get them to loosen up a bit.

Numerous times, I have appeared on the TV, but this maybe only the third time that they actually mention my name. Most of the time, I am incidental to the program. I hope I can get a copy of the program since I am not in the broadcast area.

As an aside, researching the showtimes, I noticed another program called “Ladies Angler”, written in English. I’m hoping this is a show about female anglers and not a show about people fishing for women. It is airing at 11:15pm, so who knows.


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