The Darndest Things


My wife and I communicate almost entirely in Japanese. She can actually speak a fair amount of English; however, it can be a chore for her and – when it comes to nuance – my Japanese is stronger than her English. Occasionally she suggests that she is going to knuckle down and study English yet, between her schedule and babysitting me, the time for it vanishes.

Recently, I was feeling a little lonely and distanced by our situation. We managed to get lunchtime together yesterday and before she ran back to work we shared a few sentences in English. It was just simple, silly talk, but she said something that melted my hard heart a little.

“You are very beautiful.”

“Thank you.”

“Are you single?”

“No, I have a very nice husband.”

“Oh. Have you been married long?” (Wedding was May 16th for the record)

“Yes! I was married to him before I was born.”

She was sitting on my knees, facing me; and I was leaning back in the seat. After she said this, she leaned forward and nestled her head in my chest.

P.S. Please don’t ever tell her I wrote this; she would kill me. (o^-^o)


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4 Responses to “The Darndest Things”

  1. smithereens Says:

    That’s so cute, I’m melting! (can I borrow this quote for my own hubby?)

  2. びっくり Says:

    Of course. I like the thought that we were meant to be together before we were born.

  3. titus2woman Says:

    That totally made me ~cry~! How PRECIOUS a moment is that? It would have been criminal not to record (or share!) it…. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  4. びっくり Says:

    And I’m no criminal. 🙂

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