Somedays She’s Silly


Box of PrincesseMy wife is a very serious person with very serious activities; however, somedays she is silly. We took a trip to Chiba for the first dress fitting and received some tasty souvenirs from our friends, the dressmakers. They were so good we ordered them for the thank you gifts for our domestic guests who gave cash presents at the wedding.

One of the goodies was called Gouter de Princesse; which – if HS French doesn’t fail me – means something like “The Princess’s Taste”. We ordered a large number of tins and they arrived in a large box. My wife was giddy enough to be coaxed into the box and agreed I could post it on the internet if I edited out the mess from the left side of the photo.

I hope she doesn’t forget that she gave me permission. We have a similar photo of me in a fancy wooden box as well… maybe I can dig that up.


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9 Responses to “Somedays She’s Silly”

  1. verbivore Says:

    Very cute!

  2. Chris Poole Says:

    Hi Erik;

    I hope you are well! My name is Chris Poole and I am an elected board member for the Halifax Regional School Board ( Nova Scotia, Canada ). I will be heading to Tsu, Japan next week and would love the opportunity to meet you and possibly visit a class room. I am very interested in the way other cultures educate their students.

    Could you please contact me via email
    Community Schools + Community Activities + Community Improvements = Community Pride
    Engaging Today to Empower Tomorrow!

  3. Dorothy W. Says:

    Cute picture! It would be fun to see the one of you as well 🙂

  4. titus2woman Says:

    HA! Too CUTE! ~smile~ I do that same thing~I get crazy about the background of the photo. Seeing as I’m a messie, I’m crazy kinda a lot…. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  5. びっくり Says:

    Verbivore – Thanks
    Chris – I edited your contact info out of the comment but have it in my email. I will send you mail directly this evening.
    Dorothy – We will track that one down.
    Sandi – The funny thing is that what was edited out wasn’t so messy. She takes cleanliness very seriously.

  6. smithereens Says:

    Quite funny! I just want to add that “Gouter de Princesse” means Princess’ Snack… given the size of the box, this snack must be a hefty meal, but I can see who the princess is!

  7. びっくり Says:

    She had to ‘snack’ her way to the bottom of the box. Actually there were several tins of Princess Snacks in the box. We ordered them for the Japanese wedding guests who brought cash gifts. If someone gives a cash gift, there is an obligation to send them a gift in return. These snacks are yummy. Even I think so, and I am no princess.

  8. madkat Says:

    But people who spend cash to buy and ship a nice gift to you, get nothing? That’s a silly custom. It discriminates against those who put time, effort, and thought into their gift. I think I like the American custom better on this one—where all gift givers, regardless of what they give, get a heartfelt thank-you card 🙂

  9. びっくり Says:

    Oh, yeah, thank you cards are forthcoming. Actually, even people who don’t send gifts usually get a notice by mail at the end of the year. (e.g., hey, got married: address changed, or perhaps something more personal.) Very traditional Japanese way is to not send gifts other than cash; however, that is changing bit by bit.

    Definitely there is often more a feeling of measured obligation in Japanese gift-giving at various events and seasons.

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