Expectations Not Fulfilled


So, I have been remiss in posting photos and information about my wedding. Most of you have probably figured it out from my honeymoon posts, though. Anyhow, we had a family dinner party on May 15th in Ise (伊勢) and filed our legal paperwork that evening. On May 16th we had a wedding ceremony and party for a larger group of guests in Kameyama (亀山). Once things get a little settled I will probably start posting more about it, but tomorrow I am flying again.

Men's CouncilToday’s photo is after the ceremony was completed and the party was in full swing. Once my wife and I had personally talked with almost every guest, we ratcheted down a notch or two. Here I am taking a break, which formed very naturally, with my dads. To my left (your right) is my father who – just shy of 77 – took his first trip to Asia. On my right (your left) is my wife’s father, who is still spry at 66.

My reasons for posting this are two-fold: first, because we all look so relaxed and satisfied; second, because of the amusing conversation which took place. First my father-in-law was talking about how he expected that his daughter would never get married. My father then went on about how he was convinced of the same for his son. We are both very ‘special’ people who would be a lot of trouble for someone else to handle; and, we’ve had a lot of years to get set in our ways. We have learned a lot about each other since the wedding that we couldn’t learn before… lots of growing.

Anyhow, it was fun to feel the palpable release of stress they’ve been carrying for decades.


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