Doling Them Out


Far to busy to sort photos from this trip and edit them, so I will dole them out one at a time for now. We arrived in Venice about 10pm and had debated spending the first night at the airport and staying in the Hotel Danieli only the second and third night. Being a five star hotel, the cost is quite high and we felt it might be wasted to arrive at midnight; however, the hassle of moving locations and packing and unpacking won out. We took a water taxi straight to the canal entrance to the lobby and managed to get situated around 11pm. Very lax security in Italy helped speed things along. For a few minutes we were really sheepish and certain that we had gone out a wrong exit or something.

Double Lagoon ViewThe lobby is in a 14th Century palace and was actually a courtyard garden. Entering through that historic grandeur definitely felt nice. Three palaces are connected together to make the hotel, our room was in a modern (19th or 20th Century) wing.

Our room was a double lagoon view. We had seen a photo of a different room we wanted, but found it was a junior suite. Gleefully, the desk clerk offered us that room and indicated the increased cost of just over 300 Euros. Staring into my wife’s beautiful brown eyes, I pondered anteing up until the travel exhaustion gave way to a deeper consciousness; which screamed out, “Didn’t you hear? That’s 300 Euros more, PER NIGHT!” Giving a friendly chuckle I said that was outside of our budget and we’d spend the money on food.

From the photo, the ample size of the bed chamber is fairly clear. Two of the floor to ceiling windows open onto balconies overlooking the broad walkway by the lagoon near Piazza San Marco. Apparently some guests complain about the noise: late at night the adjacent Piazza San Marcos leaks revelers onto the walkway under the windows; and early morning brings cargo traffic, cruise ship horns and tour groups. With the solid wooden shutters latched and ear plugs in, we were blissfully unaware. Off our entry hall were a marble bathroom and a dressing room, as well.

For us this was definitely a luxury expenditure, but on a non-honeymoon trip it might be nice to stay in one of the cheaper rooms there.

Being Italy, there were a few slips in service, but being the top hotel in Venice, we had a superb concierge staff who managed many things for us and potentially saved us a few hundred Euros on our Tuscan lodging. Yes, I tipped them handsomely.


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