One Shot


Apologies to all of my readers. Finally, I will give you a brief glimpse of the wedding events. First, I have been busy and there were delays in getting digital images from the wedding, so I haven’t made the time to write up details here. Second, I totally spaced out and mistakenly thought I had posted a link to some photos. (I think I did that on facebook, but clearly didn’t do it here.)

Wedding DinnerWe had the wedding on a Sunday afternoon and Saturday night we had a party for the relatives. Originally there was talk about wearing kimono for the wedding; however, logistically and artistically it wasn’t working out. We chose a restaurant in an old feudal lord’s home for the dinner party and wore traditional garments. My wife is wearing the same kimono that my mother-in-law wore for her wedding. We changed out many accessories, so it has a different feeling, but this allowed many relatives to recall the previous occasion about 40 years ago.

Shinto weddings typically have the bride in a special white kimono. This kimono is a type called furisode (振袖), coarsely translated as ‘flapping sleeves’. Furisode are for young, unmarried women to be worn on any formal occasion. Typically they have much brighter patterns than standard kimono.

My kimono is very traditional and subdued for a wedding. We wanted me to look appropriately cool, but not distracting from my better half. Many foreigners have a very negative reaction to foreigners wearing traditional garments. Claiming it is a kind of dress-up game or that it looks awkward or inappropriate. We disagree and felt that it gave us a balanced pairing for this event.

When I return from the honeymoon, I will upload more photos and make time for writing up some of the highlights from May.


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4 Responses to “One Shot”

  1. Dave Says:

    The kimono looked sharp on you, Erik. Weddings in and of themselves are a “kind of dress-up game” so you may as well go with it! It’s not like guys in our respective countries wear top-hats, tails, and white gloves everyday, but nobody comments when they do it for a wedding.

    I’ve got a few pics of you two, also. I’ll have to send them soon.

  2. Stefanie Says:

    Thanks for sharing a photo! You look great and your wife is beautiful and so happy. Have a great time in Venice!

  3. titus2woman Says:

    You have inherited a very beautiful family there! I am SO HAPPY for you and thank you for sharing this lovely pic!!!! Can’t wait to read and learn more! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  4. びっくり Says:

    Dave, Stef, Titus – Thanks for your comments. I agree with you all: American weddings are also dress-up affairs; my wife is beautiful; and I indeed inherited something great. Just got back this afternoon, so I am posting one honeymoon photo before going to bed. Check it out.

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