Prison Food


I received the follwing in an email from a fellow teacher:

“The prison executed some people this morning, so we got their lunch.”

He is not fond of the school lunches on the best days, and occasionally they look very poorly… like the attached photo from his mail.

Prison FoodWorking at elementary schools in this city, it is pretty much expected that the teachers will order the school lunch. They come in at a fairly reasonable 240 yen, so we aren’t out a lot of pocket change. Generally I find them to be worth the money. Granted, that isn’t high praise, but it isn’t a complaint either.

Naturally, I enjoy a fancier meal, but for the low cost and lack of preparation, I can be fed appropriately. I do sometimes notice that the taste is designed to please a child’s palate: tons of sugar on the fried beans, when steamed edamame would be preferred; very sweet vinegar in the sunomono, where normal vinegar would suit me fine; etc.

I always get a kick out of his commentary on the latest lunch.


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3 Responses to “Prison Food”

  1. kevenker Says:

    Glad to see you’re posting again! It’s been a long couple of months though I know you have some good excuses!! 🙂

  2. びっくり Says:

    It’s the lack of energy from eating lunches like this. 😉 I hope to be posting more often now. Of course August is travel month, so my posts might be sparse.

  3. Troo Says:

    Ahh, your fellow teacher has an excellent sense of humour! 😀

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