Ironic Little Twist


Choosing to live in a different city from where I work added several complications to my schedule. If it weren’t for all my extra-curricular activities, it would just be a simple matter of adding commute time; however, outside of work hours I have many things to schedule – some in Tsu, some in Ise, and a few in other places.

When I was in physical therapy things got very crazy, often riding the train to Tsu in the morning for work, riding back to Ise for therapy, heading to Tsu for an evening activity, and taking a late ride home to Ise. At least I made good use of my commuter pass during that time.

Given the chance, I try to arrange my schedule for efficiency: putting all my Ise activities on the same day; shifting things so they are back-to-back; etc. While this can open a lot of free time, it can also leave people frustrated if they want to reach me on a busy day when I can’t call them back.

Recently, I restructured everything, making Thursdays busy, but opening Friday up on my schedule. On the way home from work I can stop off at my Japanese teacher’s home for a lesson and still get home in time for dinner or playtime.

As some of you know, my wife’s eight days off each month are chosen for her for the most part and those are the only days we can be together; so, we must make the most of those days. So, here’s the twist: the last three Fridays in July are days off for her. This left me unable to study Japanese with my ‘good’ schedule because, I’ll be heading back to be with her.

My next lesson will be August 6th and then vacation will prevent me studying until September. Of course I can still study on my own.


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One Response to “Ironic Little Twist”

  1. kevenker Says:

    Hopefully you won’t forget everythign you’ve learned!

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