Outdoor Indoor Soccer


Normally, if I have a prolonged break from blogging, I come back apologizing and explaining. This time, I will just say the break was not intentional, but was refreshing in many ways. This has been a busy and overwhelming year. I’ll provide more updates about all this in coming posts; however, two overseas trips scheduled for August may hamper posting next month.

Recently, I have been introduced to Futsal. A sport based on soccer. Literally the name – from ‘futbol’ and ‘sala’ – means “indoor soccer”. This sport was originally played on indoor courts the size of basketball courts. The goals are smaller than soccer. The balls are smaller (and less bouncy) than soccer. The rules are simpler than soccer. The games are shorter, and by shorter, I mean much, much shorter… about 10 minutes.

The first time I played in a pair of Keen’s, not the smartest idea. I figured I would play casually since many of the players are recreational; however, there are several top level players as well, and soon I found myself ‘ramping up’. Eventually I injured my toe when someone planted their foot between the ball and my kick. I continued playing and even though I heavily iced my foot, my toe and ankle were stiff, swollen, and black. I don’t know if I broke anything, but I rested up a lot and Sunday night I was back for some more action.

On the way to the courts I stopped at a sporting goods store for futsal shoes and knee pads. Near the end my toe was a touch sore, but otherwise great. The knee pads allowed me to do a little intense goalkeeping as well. If one knows that they won’t gouge their knees and they aren’t afraid to get hit with a ball (I take my glasses off before playing), then one finds they can make a lot of good saves.

Lately they have been drawing more than 30 players, about half multi-national foreigners and half Japanese, so we rent two courts and play four teams in rotation. I will be back for more… have to amortize the cost of those shoes.


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2 Responses to “Outdoor Indoor Soccer”

  1. fightingwindmills Says:

    I’m so happy for you! My husband used to love being on a futsal team. It’s a great workout!

  2. びっくり Says:

    Indeed it is a good workout. Basketball-type anaerobic exercise.

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