Rumors Exaggerated


Just for the record, I am still alive. Wanted to get that straight unless any rumors were milling about. So, why haven’t I been posting?

  1. Busy planning my wedding (May 15th and 16th)
  2. Getting ready for new school year (April 1st, er… 6th)
  3. Pondering how to write up potentially offensive posts
  4. Playing a stupid game on Facebook
  5. Just plain tired

Good news/bad news

  1. Lost three schools so I will miss the students, but with only four schools I can focus on my lessons and build relationships with teachers and students.
  2. Got 100,000 yen back from the government for my ‘eco’ car.
  3. Restarting Japanese lessons. My teacher slashed her prices in half because of the poor economy. I think she should have raised her prices, but she is too kind.
  4. Ordered silver Mavic rims with flat spokes and purple tires for my bike. The frame is mostly white and the bar tape was changed to purple after the accident. This is to celebrate being able to ride again. My neck and hip are still a little sore, but I think we are at the time-to-tough-it-out phase. (Photos will be posted after the shop work.)

Most likely, I won’t be posting before Sunday.


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3 Responses to “Rumors Exaggerated”

  1. Stefanie Says:

    Wow, the wedding will be here before you know it! You definitley have to post a photo of your bike with purple tires. I’m glad you are able to ride again.

  2. titus2woman Says:

    I can’t wait to learn more about your wedding~specifically the style and tradition! I also look forward to potentially offensive writings, as they make me think. And sometimes laugh in the moments of potential discomfort. I am SO GLAD you are able to ride again!!! WOOHOOOO! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  3. びっくり Says:

    Stef – The parts have arrived, now I have to get the bike to the shop. I haven’t been riding the road bike yet, but just in the last few weeks I have been feeling much better. The neck hurts, but it seems more like the normal 44 year old aches and pains. My hip x-ray shows a bone spur which explains some range of motion problems, but I am cleared for stretching and exercise. Upward and onward.

    Sandi – Massive wedding planning over the last week is the main reason for no new posts. Some of the planning just seems to be running in circles, but I think we are nailing things down this afternoon. Rehearsal dinner, wedding, reception, invitation, hotels, transportation should be in place. Photographer, florist, seamstress, and jeweler issues are still up in the air. From the 17th to the 1st, I will have almost every day off for planning and sleeping.

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