Sunday Soundcheck 67


Sound number two in the R column is ri. We write it in hiragana as り and in katakana as リ. These are one of the pairs of kana which are closely related in appearance. We find that they are virtually identical, but the hiragana is more curved and sometimes the brush is dragged to connect the two strokes.

Rikooru (リコール) comes from the English word ‘recall’. It can be used in the same senses of recalling a public official or a car with problems. Naturally, in light of Toyota’s current troubles, this word is getting used a lot. Japanese people are very set that such a thing could never happen in Japan and clearly it is an American industry problem; even though Mitsubishi suffered horribly for two separate cover-ups of brake and clutch problems.

Rihabiri (リハビリ) is short for rihabiriteeshon, which is from the English ‘rehabilitation’. Often Japanese words from English words are close, but the abbreviation methods are intriguing. Of course, in English we shorten to ‘rehab’.

Rinjiressha (りんじれっしゃ・臨時列車) is a term for ‘special train’, as in specially scheduled. Normally trains stop running a little after 11pm and don’t run until after 5am in the morning; however, on special days, trains sometimes run outside of that schedule and also sometimes on a higher frequency. New Year’s Eve is one of these times when the train runs all night to get folks to the Grand Shrine in Ise.


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