Flavorful Japan


Kit Kat ProductsStill buying time by making an easy post from some photos I snapped around Halloween. Nestle is Kit Kat happy in Japan. I’ve written about all the myriad flavors they produce, with new ones coming every month. Not only flavors, but shapes and styles have been on the ticket over the last couple years.

Kit Kat bar is a giant Kit Kat about the same size as a full size snicker. I think the thick chocolate is responsible for my occasional cravings. Fortunately, most stores won’t carry these which gives me time to overcome.

Salt and Carmel flavored Kit Kat balls are in the bag at the top. They are more like rounded cubes, rather than balls. The flavor was a Halloween special and wasn’t too bad.

Kit Kat ProductsThe box contains Cookie Plus, which are like normal Kit Kats with a crunchy cookie layer added in. “Two extra added in (for now)” claims the box to lure us in. Additionally, “Whole wheat flour” is promoted, but it is only 5.2%. If you like crunchy cookies these aren’t bad either.

Finally, the interesting colored ones are a flavor which grabbed my attention above most of the odd flavors that are thrown into the marketplace. They are “Full of Veggies” flavored and carry the Ito En mark, so they are willing to add their reputation to the product. However, it really comes down to being Apple and Carrot “flavored” and actual vegetables are 0.25% (one part in 400 for clarity). They didn’t taste bad, but don’t fool yourself into believing they are about fruits or veggies.

Of course, these photos are a couple months old now and in that time, I’ve seen at least a dozen new Kit Kat products. I just can’t keep up.


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