Bundle of Christmas Greetings


My girlfriend and I keep odd schedules. Sometimes they line up and we can spend time together, but often we are not able to be face to face. Preparations for Christmas were no exception. Christmas From JapanWe managed to gather a small bundle of presents individually and together, then I was given the task of getting everything wrapped, packaged, and delivered in time for Christmas.

She had no chance to come see the presents before delivering them, so I snapped this photo to show her how everything looked. As hoped for, it all arrived on time and was well received. Our only regret was that neither of us had more time to pick out more. My apologies to everyone who got nothing from us this year. Rest assured, we love you too.

One of the snacks had sea urchin as an ingredient. I may have forgotten to let everyone in on that tidbit. Hopefully they were enjoyed.

I also learned a lot about the very intricate pricing system for parcels sent from Japan. Next year, I hope to package things in a way that cuts the postage in half next time, leaving more cash for presents.


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