What to Say


Weird emotions are twisting me around. Today I am aching to post something. Truly, from deep in the fleshy parts of my body, my desire is to post something cathartic – letting out all manner of partial thoughts and plans and concerns; however, a spirit inside keeps cautioning me against. Attempting to satisfy my need, I thought about posting something light and fluffy, but all those ideas seem to have gotten knotted up as well; much like sawdust becomes irremovable from the ball of yarn incidentally rolled across the workshop floor.

OK, typing a brief intro provided the shift I needed to pull out something to grace today’s space. Time for a little riddle. This one was funny in Japanese and I think, with just a little creativity, it can be translated.


Do you know what kind of plane becomes flightworthy once the wings are folded?

紙飛行機 … a paper airplane.

Did you laugh?


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4 Responses to “What to Say”

  1. madkat Says:

    Sounds like you just need to talk to someone who will listen, help put things into perspective, and offer lots of kindness, support, and encouragement. Now THAT’s cathartic!

  2. びっくり Says:

    Indeed it is. Access is another issue.

  3. madkat Says:

    No one is ever but a phone call away…from your gf down the street to friends and family around the world. Some of them would probably even come to you, if you asked.

  4. びっくり Says:

    I have no phone other than my cell. I can’t easily make international calls right now. Also, for cathartic conversations I can’t just talk to anyone. Particularly if the things I need to discuss and think out might hurt the listener. Sometimes it is just not that easy. Also, I can’t typically make phone calls during business hours nor on the train. Furthermore, my girlfriend can rarely answer her phone being at work 24×7, so I have to send mail to her and wait for a reply.

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