Pictures from the Potty


Not that I have a practice of lurking around toilets snapping photos, but let’s take a look at some pictures from Japanese bathrooms that were taken by… um… a friend… Keep it CleanAs any other place in Japan, the little room is adorned with all manner of signs advising us on correct action, proper manners, and protection of our health.

My favorites were the signs over urinals reading 一歩前へ (One step forward!), 一歩進行 (Advance one step!), or such. Having been raised by a strict Norwegian, I would never dare stand a step away from a toilet so, being a bit of a wiseacre, I always ponder how I could step forward any further and keep my clothes clean. No ButtsAt my least favorite school, I have found my new favorite sign in the staff washroom over the squatter: it reads 半歩前へ (Half-step forward!) They must have known I was coming.

The top photo says, “We endeavor to beautify this bathroom. We ask for everyone’s cooperation.” Note that it is not the nicest bathroom I’ve seen. The next photo can be found in many restaurants over the squatter. It reads: “Please don’t dispose of cigarette butts, waste paper, gum, etc. in the toilet.” [吸殻・紙屑・ガム]

No Wet WipesThe next two photos were taken in a toilet on the train. The English translation caught my attention because it is excerpted (red text) from the Japanese, which actually seems very natural because the thoroughly verbose explanation would not appear on a sign in America. Full translation might be: Please do not flush anything other than toilet paper (wet wipes, tissues, and the like) down the toilet, since it can become the source of malfunction. Kudos to whoever did the sign work on that one.

Step on PedalThe last one is hard to read because, as I said, it was shot on a moving train so I was being jostled around a bit. “After you finish, please step on the pedal below and flush the basin.”

Thanks for bearing with me and I promise not to post photos of anything else I see in the toilets.


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4 Responses to “Pictures from the Potty”

  1. Stefanie Says:

    Your friend took some nice photos 😉 When I was on vacation in London going on ten years ago I found it amusing that they have awards there for cleanest toilets and the the toilet at the Tower had won several years in a row. They had a wall plaque by the sinks to let everyone know.

  2. びっくり Says:

    There is a restaurant in Ise that claims the cleanest toilet in Japan. They are so proud they paint it on the exterior wall in signboard-sized letters for all driving by to see. Perhaps I should poke my head in and take a look at the head to see if their claims are merited. Osteria Labbra, an Italian restaurant has a very posh rest room, including a little settee.

  3. titus2woman Says:

    HA! Love it! Would even like to see more of it! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  4. びっくり Says:

    OK Sandi! All it takes is one request and I’ll… er, I’ll ask my “friend” to take photos in the men’s rooms for you.

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