Change Can be Good


Tempura Sakamoto (天ぷらさか本) in front of Tsu Shinmachi Station (津新町駅) is my favorite restaurant. Numerous times I’ve mentioned my experiences there, but let me summarize: a variety of tasty and healthy foods, reasonable prices, and a kind family.

Before my calligraphy class today I stopped in for their O-Banzai Lunch, a selection of about seven tasty dishes for one low price. There is always seasonal variation to the dishes, but for the most part it is free of surprises; however, new policy presented me with something different today. A local producer of organic greens and vegetables has convinced them to try his wares.

The tempura dish today had the staple shrimp, but it was accompanied by slender, tender carrots and carrot greens. Lightly fried carrot greens have a fascinating, intricate appearance and the delicate flavor is no disappointment either.

The yosedofu salad had additional Japanese radish greens, which also gave a nice, fresh taste. Today’s lunch was a special treat. Hopefully the arrangement with the local farmer will turn out well. Delicious, healthy food and support for local business make a great combination.

When you’re in the area, please stop in and enjoy the restaurant.

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One Response to “Change Can be Good”

  1. titus2woman Says:

    Yer makin’ my mouth water! ~grin~ (((((HUGS))))) sandi~LOVE tempura!!!!

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