Sunday Soundcheck 60


Let’s finish up the M column this week with mo, written in hiragana as も and katakana as モ. Feeling a bit tired, so I’m not searching for the perfect words this week.

Mochiaruku (もちあるく・持ち歩く) is to carry something about with you. For example, I can rarely be found without my electronic dictionary in my bag. Or before my accident, I almost always had a detailed map of the prefecture in my bag. For this we would say mochiaruku. It is a combination of the words for ‘hold’ and ‘walk’.

Mooningu (モーニング) is just the English word ‘morning’, remember the o sound here is a long o, so it sounds more like ‘moaning’ then ‘mooning’. The reason I include this as a hard to find in the dictionary and usable in normal life type of word, is that most coffee shops refer to a morning special set as simply mooningu. The set consists of coffee, a hard boiled egg, toast, and a very small salad or a couple bites of cucumber.


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