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Yesterday I mentioned visiting a farm in the countryside and relaxing. Actually I have known about the farm for sometime now, and have wanted to visit, but only knew the owner as a colleague. We would meet briefly about once a year and I didn’t have his contact information. Finally, an invite to a party came and I jumped at the chance.

He seems to have a serious and respectful, but relaxed outlook on life; enjoys education of himself and others; and keeps varied interests. What more could one ask for in a friend. During the summer I had heard about an event he held last year and on this trip I found he plans to do it annually. He gathers a group of interested parties together to read Tolkien. My understanding is that each member chooses some excerpt they particularly like and reads that.

Initial reactions of common people are similar to when they hear someone wants to act out issues of Naruto. When we discussed it, he was very clear that people should not come wearing elven cloaks. Just because one appreciates good writing, doesn’t mean they have to be fanatic.

Anyhow, I am now feeling a bit better, so I threw my LOTR volume into my backpack and have started reading again. For the last few years I have really wanted to re-read about the condition of the Shire after the wars. The recent movies have washed the remnants of the actual story from my memory: time to refresh.

My decision is to read from the beginning, so it will take some time to get there, but it will be fun. Practically every paragraph of his writing contains something quotable. I love the texture of his language, his humor, his observation of social behavior.

This morning’s fun discovery was the Hundred-weight Feast to celebrate a 112th birthday. I had completely forgotten that, only remembering the Eleventy-first birthday the year before.


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4 Responses to “Tolkien Talking”

  1. verbivore Says:

    I’ve always loved The Hobbit best, but I suspect this is because I read it first. I should do a LOTR read one of these days as well, a very good idea.

    In an unrelated note – I’m planning a trip to Japan for the spring! It’s time to introduce Mademoiselle Petitvore to part of her heritage (well, sortof, I’m not Japanese but I was born in Japan). In any case, we’ll be there in late March and plan to fly in to Osaka and take the ferry down to Kyushu where we’ll spend most of the trip but we should be on Honshu for a few days to see Kyoto and Nara and would love to say hello if you are around!

  2. びっくり Says:

    The Hobbit certainly is a more fun story, whereas LOTR is more of an epic struggle between good and evil. I need to get a copy of the Hobbit.

    It looks like the wedding will be in May, so I should probably be available for some fun in March. Osaka, Nara, and Kyoto are all relatively close for me.

  3. Stefanie Says:

    The LOTR movie certainly does leave out what happens in the Shire after the hobbits return. I can understand that being left out but by doing so it makes it seem like a happily ever after ending. My husband is in the midst of a re-read. He began with The Hobbit a month ago and he keeps updating me on where he is at. They are really marvelous books. Enjoy!

  4. びっくり Says:

    Stef – I can’t fully assess it until I finish my re-read, but I think you are right, they wanted to make more of a happy ending. They did address a little of the bittersweet in their words near the end, but definitely pre-digested for public consumption. My girlfriend read the Silmarillion in Japanese, I want to buy a copy for her, but it is apparently out of print. I am enjoying the reading.

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