Free Trains ’til Christmas


Tomorrow morning I will start riding the trains for free until Christmas! Yes, that’s right, I said free. How do you do that, you may ask. Well it is really quite simple. When I moved to Ise in May, I bought a one month commuter pass for the train to try it out and see how I liked riding the train. Every day I calculated how many fares I avoided with the pass. In June I was sure I could ride the train for six months and the passes seemed like a good deal, so I invested in a half-year pass.

My pass is valid through December 24th and cost me 109,300 yen. My estimate is that by the end of the day, I will have used 109,290 yen in fares. Hence, excepting 10 yen tomorrow, my pass has paid for itself. Even though I took a two week vacation to America and had several hospital days after my accident, the pass is still a good deal. Also, it is extremely convenient; especially when I’m running late.

Next I need to decide, with the upcoming purchase of a car, whether to renew the pass or try commuting in a vehicle for awhile. We’ll see.


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