Grinding Away


Met my sweetie’s dad at the Tsu Festival (津祭り) today. We watched the large dance groups (よさこい) for awhile before we left. He invited me back to the house for a rest, but along the way the plan changed to me cooking for him. I gathered this was because mom was out for the day, but she came home for my culinary attempts as well. Naturally she also whipped up several tasty dishes.

Coffee GrinderGreens from the sweet potato plant, dehydrated and pickled, were probably the best treat today. Something I had never eaten before and an interesting flavor as well.

Before cooking we took a nice rest and made dad’s special coffee. My assignment was to grind the beans using an old cast iron grinder which he received as a present around 30 years ago. An online friend is visiting Chiba (千葉) and was disappointed with the hand grinder he used there, so I was pleased that this one worked smoothly. I’m not a big coffee drinker, but the flavor was quite fresh and rich.


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