Typhoons Suck – Typhoons Blow


Well, I survived the typhoon as expected and now we are enjoying the fair weather which always follows the storms. Various odd things happened, which I wasn’t expecting.

My recycle bin got sucked out of the corner of my balcony, disassembled (non-destructively) and scattered about. I was picking up the aluminum cans and noticed the count seemed short. Later I found three cans, matching my brands, in the parking lot below. Reports say to remove everything from your balcony because it could be dangerous. Leaves and limbs also adorned my fourth floor balcony; that stuff can fly. I was glad I brought the potted herbs inside for the night.

Here is a photo of an outbuilding on my block which demonstrates how typhoons can create suction. Panels from one side of the building were sucked off and broken. Perhaps the owner will be thankful for an insurance settlement since neither the building nor the contents seemed to have any inherent value.

Just 10 meters away, the garden where Cheetah-kun hangs out was beaten down by the winds. Look at the hat in the photo. Mr. Masui, the gardener, always puts this hat on to protect himself from mosquitoes. The hat is balanced on a tall planting stake and apparently sat there all through the storm. This reminds of a hurricane in Houston many years back which blew out the glass on both sides of a Dairy Queen sign but left the flourescent tubes inside intact.

Because the typhoon came through faster than initially expected it caused me some logistical problems at work. We were told to stay home if there was a storm warning (暴風警報・boufuu keihou), but if the warning was lifted before 11am we were to report to work. If public transit was unavailable we were supposed to wait at home. Most of the morning was spent watching TV, trying to decrypt the reports, calling my school, etc. At one point I ran to the train station expecting to head North, but arrived to a lobby full of business suits waiting around and a sign informing us that they were checking all the tracks for damage.

On the bright side of unexpected events, I was able to eat lunch with my sweetie; a rare event indeed.


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One Response to “Typhoons Suck – Typhoons Blow”

  1. verbivore Says:

    I’m glad you didn’t have any significant damage – typhoons can be so scary. I just mean in the sense that you never know how it will actually be. Otherwise, I always enjoyed experiencing the force of nature – rather humbling actually.

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