Double Whammy


Watching the weather reports on the internet this week I noticed something for the first time. Two typhoons are active at the same time, which I did not know was possible. Perhaps it is not so strange since I have seen a storm brewing in the ocean while another was pounding Japan, or The Phillipines, or China; however, this is the first time to see two hitting land together.

One storm, labeled ‘Number 17’ in Japan or ‘Parma’ in other countries, has been lingering over The Phillipines. Oddly, it hasn’t been on the news here, although it must be causing horrible damage from mudslides and such. Number 18, also called Melor, is currently flooding the streets around me with 80mm of rain an hour. Within the next 12 hours, I’m expecting to have sunny weather.

Weather after a typhoon always impresses me with its beauty. Air flushed of pollutants and high pressure create an amazing scene.


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