Maple Bars


Calorie Mate is a kind of energy bar, that labels itself “Balanced Food”, from Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, makers of all fine products.  Normally original (cheese), fruit (apple), and chocolate flavors are available in stores. Also, potato (of which, I am not the biggest fan) has become generally available.

Last night I was watching TV in an izakaya while eating dinner and noticed an odd commercial. One member of a geeky stand up comedy duo attracted the attention of a beautiful woman (cause that happens) and made her look through a telescope to see his other half in Canada enjoying real maple. When the two in Japan started eating their new maple-flavored Calorie Mate bars, he got jealous.

On my way home last night I bought a package at the convenience store to taste test this morning. My reaction is much more positive than it was for the potato flavor, but I probably won’t run out to get a second pack. Level of flavor is important and I think they got that right: not overwhelmingly mapley, making you think you are eating dessert when nothing else about the food is dessert-like; nor so thinly flavored, that you are left wondering, “What was that odd flavor underneath what I was eating? Perhaps something went bad.” They should at least stand out on the shelves with the bright pink lettering on the box.


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