Learning the Way


Sometimes there are simple approaches to life which reduce our troubles. Often these involve laying aside aggression, anxiety, or force. I’ve posted before about flooding the bathtub and troubles that stem from this. Watching my girlfriend when she is kind enough to draw a bath for me before returning to the facility, has enlightened me.

Primarily of note was that I put the faucet on full open to fill the tub quickly and she runs it at maybe ten or twenty percent. Naturally, this increases the time to fill the tub which assaults my American sensibilities; however, I quickly recognized that doing other chores is going to fill that time either way, so there’s no rush. In point of fact, the flooding problems arose from losing track of the tub-filling while taking care of other activities. Once the water rate is reduced, both the risk of flooding and the jeopardy if flooding occurs are dramatically reduced.

My newfound knowledge was successfully put to the test this evening and my muscles are thankful. I expect to sleep well. Also, a well insulated tub and a cover are helpful additions in this formula.


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One Response to “Learning the Way”

  1. titus2woman Says:

    AW! I love the idea of running a bath for my darling, but he’s just not into it. Never had it overflow for any of us though~LOL! That tickles me for some reason…. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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