Sunday Soundcheck 54


Yes, it’s been four weeks since the last Sunday Soundcheck. Perhaps you recall that we are on our third pass through the H column. It is the only column which has two different types of accent. The first changes the H sound to a B sound; the second, to a P sound.

My apologies as I get this back on track with the fourth character in the P column, pe, which is written in hiragana as ぺ and in katakana as ぺ. Can you tell the difference here? As I mentioned with he and be, these two characters are virtually identical in most fonts.

Pearukku (ペアルック) is taken from the English words ‘pair’ and ‘look’. A very descriptive term referring to two people dressing alike. My girlfriend described us that way when I dressed her up in a blue Columbia Goretex jacket and I wore my usual green tea colored Arcteryx Goretex. She also gave tabi socks to her friend’s boyfriend which match mine and referred to us with the same term. It is not just for couples apparently.

Perapera or peraperashaberu (ぺらぺらしゃべる) refers to someone speaking fluently. When I first arrived, people would generously lavish this term on me undeservedly; however, I’m finally at a point where a lot of conversations can quickly roll off the tongue without a lot of thought. Please don’t confuse this term with peropero or peroperonameru (ぺろぺろなめる) which is to lap at something, like a giant lollipop.


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