Oh, By The Way…


Ichiro broke a 108 year old record the other day. Last week he reached 2000 hits faster than anyone ever. Baseball fans should consider this incredible and exciting; however, a lot of the excitement vanishes because it is credible.

Much like Lance Armstrong, he has dedicated himself to his sport: studying every fine detail of his body and how it works, mechanics of the tools, reactions of opponents, ramifications of rules, etc. they each reached a level where we expect greatness from them.

One of the reasons people love a perfect game so much, is that it is so unpredictable. Every player is involved, fans don’t realize it is happening until the 6th or 7th inning (or later), gradually the excitement and tension builds, and when it happens the pitcher is as surprised and relieved as everyone else. It happens far more often than once a century, but for the last five years we have expected that Ichiro would do this easily and have just watched it happen. Most likely he will do it again next year and the year after.

I love to see him play. I love his analysis of the game. He is one of the greatest players of all time; however, many people will remember the surprising records before his.


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