When You Know Too Many


Some experts tell us that nobody, no matter how sharp, can maintain more than 150 relationships. My phone has well over 200 names registered and, let me tell you, I have trouble keeping up with them, let alone my relations and contacts in Seattle, Houston, and other points around the globe. Friday I got a lesson in confusion when someone called with a business opportunity.

One friend threw a curveball when she got married and changed her name (just one more piece of data to remember) to top it off she has a very common given name (the same as a bride of one of the Beatles). My phone rang while spending time with family, so I only gave the readout a cursory glance as I picked up the call prepared to do a 5-second, “call you back” type call. She mentioned who she was and where I met her, but I had more recently met someone else with the same interests and the same name at the same place.

Sunday night I called back to get the details and as we were talking it dawned on me who I was actually communicating with. Not completely embarrassing, but maybe a close second. Fortunately, I can still blame my head being slammed into pavement and overwhelming consultations with the doctors and insurance agents for any lapses.

On the lighter side, I am off to the optometrist again for my second check-up. Hopefully they’ll let me order some glasses so I can get back to studying.


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