Sunday Soundcheck 53


Sound number three in the P column is pu, written as ぷ in hiragana and プ in katakana.

Purotesutanto (プロテスタント) is a pretty easy one: Protestant. We typically think of Japanese people being rather private about personal information; however, there are a number of things Westerners normally consider personal which seem to be like asking someone their name here. Soon after meeting people, I am often asked my age, marital status, and religion. Japanese people have learned (probably from Hollywood’s distorted view of the world) that Christian equals Catholic; and, upon hearing Christian, they start crossing themselves. Protestant is a term that can be used to set them straight quickly. I don’t recommend words like Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, etc. if you want an easy conversation.

Puripuri (ぷりぷり) is a huff. Something I have been in a lot since my accident. Being injured, having plans canceled, hearing unpleasant news from insurance reps, etc. can be vexing.


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