Sunday Soundcheck 51


Sunday Soundcheck has reached a special landmark, as we head into the third pass down the H column. Yes, that’s right, I said the third pass. So far we have taken second passes down the K, S, T, and H columns, by accenting the characters to make G, Z, D, and B sounds. Well, there is another accent mark – that looks like a small circle – which can only be used on the H column to make the P sounds.

Today’s sound is pa which we’ll write in hiragana as ぱ and katakana as パ.

Paseri (パセリ) is taken from parsley. In recent years it has become more and more popular. My girlfriend bought a pot with rosemary, basil, and Italian parsley and put it on my balcony. It has become my responsibility, but it also gives me flavorful pasta and such.

Pakupaku (ぱくぱく) is a term to refer to shoveling food in. I think I have also heard it used to refer to drinking a lot, as in pakupaku bukubuku (ぱくぱくぶくぶく) which is like ‘overindulging and becoming girthsome’.


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