Laundry in a Typhoon


Trials keep piling up, but I just have to let them all go. Two days ago, I saw a notice about Typhoon #8 and got nervous. A quick check of the weather report showed it rolling off in the direction of China where it wouldn’t interfere with our trip.

Today, I did a lot of laundry to prepare and hung it outside to dry even though the weather was cloudy. One benefit of a wide veranda is not fearing the rain much. I went out to Bei, a lovely Guiness-serving bar, for a bite to eat. Perhaps when I am on meds that don’t mix with alcohol, I shouldn’t torture myself watching the next chap at the bar sip his dark Irish treasure; however, I was in the mood for good company and food, and was sure to find it there.

It started raining before I left so I popped open an umbrella and wandered over. While I was enjoying the chef’s tasty take on fish and chips, the wind was really picking up outside. His wife said something about ‘the typhoon coming’ which got me going on the whole, “Isn’t it headed off to China already?” line of discussion. Apparently another small typhoon popped up in the pocket between Taiwan and here and will be passing over us tomorrow; right about the time we’ll be boating across the bay to catch an airplane. Could be an interesting travel day.

Wide veranda or not, I got home to discover that typhoons can blow rain under anywhere. It even tried to pull a recycle bin and one pair of sandals right off the balcony. I’ll try to remember not to hang out my wash during severe weather patterns in the future.


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