As Fast as Humanly Possible


This morning I got a nice 160mbps connection at home. I feel alive again. When I get breaks from sleeping and going to the hospital, I’ll run it through the paces.

Ear bandage 2Here’s a current photo of my ear bandage. I took this one directly and closer so Dena could see that even a superman like me gets a puffy black eye after bouncing off the pavement. This morning it was blacker. I think the maroon is an indication that it will start vanishing from now. There’s some serious discoloration on my left shoulder and chest that came to the surface today too.

We got some frustration from the insurance company, but we got some help learning the right buttons to push. Tomorrow I will be allowed to see the doctors I want about ringing in the ears, pain in the teeth, vision concerns, new glasses, neck and back pain, and my hand injuries. Also I will finally get to meet with the insurance representative. I hear they are “preparing documents” now; which I think means they want me to sign a release. I probably won’t be ready for that just yet, but at least we are moving in a cooperative direction. Progress, progress, progress…

We’ll call this day a good one. Although, I always try to remember that this is the day the Lord has made… so I will try to be glad and rejoice in it.


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5 Responses to “As Fast as Humanly Possible”

  1. verbivore Says:

    I’m glad the accident wasn’t more serious – although, any accident is scary scary. Take care of yourself, rest up and good luck with the insurance and all other administrative stuff.

  2. Arukiyomi Says:

    you know, that photo should really be credited to Van Gogh.

  3. びっくり Says:

    Verbivore – indeed scary. My accident 11 years ago was the most frightening event in my life because I thought it was all over. This time I didn’t have that feeling, but the physics change dramatically when we are hit by a car and I did smack the pavement pretty hard. Thanks for the well-wishing and I will try to get my rest.

    Aruki – cute, very cute. I maybe crazy, but I want to keep my ear. 😉

  4. Dena Says:


  5. びっくり Says:

    Dena – This time I needed a butt helmet. Someone has to invent one of those for me.

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