Not According to Plan


I wanted to post a Sunday Soundcheck today, but a lot of things this weekend are not according to plan. The schedule shift started about 8:30 on Saturday morning while riding my bike home from a relaxing morning eating healthy food amidst misty mountains and watching misty rain tap on the river surface.

A young man in a small car, apparently late for work, decided that rules like stopping before entering a roadway are optional. I saw him coming and, guessing that he was going to make a hasty stop, started squeezing my brakes. Unfortunately, he didn’t even slow down and I had no way to avoid the accident. I got rolled over the hood and took a hard bounce on the other side.

A pedestrian called for an ambulance and I took a little ride. My vision was really screwed up for an hour or so, which prompted a CT scan along with the numerous X-rays. I’ll thank mom for making me drink all that milk as a kid, because the bones held up well; although my hip bone seems to be the first part that hit the car, so it is pretty sore.

My EarThe worst of it was finding out part of my ear had been torn loose by the pavement, but I had figured out that was where all the blood was coming from and held a clean towel over it. The pool on the roadway was pretty impressive. In the operating room, I made a nurse run for a mirror while we waited for the Otolaryngologist. He needed to check for any damage to workings of the ear before they could put the pieces back together, so I used the chance to get a look. Unfortunately (or perhaps forturnately) I couldn’t get a good angle to see exactly what was up. Later when we were checking the CT scan the difference between the ears was obvious.

Now my ear is covered with a mountain of gauze, so I have to trust it looks good under there. Tomorrow morning we’ll dig down and take another look. In the afternoon we’ll get to chat with the insurance company.

Naturally, I am feeling a lot of pain, but overall I feel pretty good and am hopeful that most parts will heal up well. Particularly, I am happy to still be among the living and enjoying God’s creation. I guess He’s not done shaping me yet.


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8 Responses to “Not According to Plan”

  1. Arukiyomi Says:

    bummer… but it could have been way worse. Yes, I guess you’re right about Him continuing to shape you! What role does the driver now play in the scheme of things?

  2. kevenker Says:

    I’m sorry to hear that you were involved in this accident but glad to hear that you are relatively unscathed. My prayers are with you for a speedy and full recovery.

  3. Dena Says:

    Good Lord Erik – one bike accident a decade is enough; two is pushing it man! I am so glad you are ok. Geesh – I am suprised you don’t have black eyes after hitting the pavement so hard. Keep us posted on the healing process – sorry I won’t get to see the ‘trophy’ for myself when you and your lovely come to the US. Fast healing to you!

  4. Charlie Brown Says:

    Hey roomie, glad you are okay! The good lord is definitely not done shaping you. I hope all goes well with the healing process.

  5. びっくり Says:

    Aruki – Thanks. Not sure what role the driver plays now. I have his number and kind of want to call him because it feels like the insurance company is playing games. We’ll see how it plays out.

    Kev – Thanks. I always know you are on my side. We are looking forward to seeing you soon. Hopefully I have new glasses by then to see you even better. Today’s bandage is much prettier because all the leaky fluids are slowed down.

    Dena – Thanks for the well wishes and sorry we won’t see you. I don’t count the event on July 11 as an ‘accident’ even though I needed the doctor to clip off the unneeded skin. I just count the car-related ones and they are still 11 years apart (’87, ’98, ’09) and in the first one the truck driver never actually hit me. He was just following me up and down hills with about a yard between his bumper and me. Naturally this was distracting and when I was looking back at him I hit a rock in the road. Later he said he was just trying to see how fast I was going…

    Charlie – Thanks for the message. Bruises are all coming to the surface. Abrasions, starting today, are getting careful attention from a pretty nurse. Ear is reportedly healing, and they promised to let me see it tomorrow. Insurance company seems tentative and back and neck are still sore. I took the bike for repairs without the go ahead from the insurance company. I’m waiting for info about my vision and glasses. Thanks again.

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