Save Me a Seat By the Toilet


Commuting by train has it’s little quirks. Finding a seat is an important stage of my morning ritual. Fortunately I am far enough south that there are still a number of seats at the ends of the train; however, people line up at my station and are fairly aggressive about grabbing up the remaining seats. Often I get stuck behind the one guy that wants to move to the choke point and hesitate about which seat to grab. While this is going on, people flooding in through the other door are consuming the space. Finally he will sit down in the last place and everyone behind him is out of luck.

Arriving ten minutes early has proved a decent remedy to this problem, but I also discovered a safety outlet. This morning I arrived one minute before departure and took a seat near the middle of the train… by the toilet. It seems nobody wants to sit there, because the seat backs are stiff, the seat depth is narrow, you must face someone and your knees almost meet, and perhaps the fact that sometimes train bathrooms smell. After all, jostling movement and bodily waste expulsion are not a good mix.


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