Sunday Soundcheck 50


Last post for the second pass down the H column. The sound bo is represented in hiragana as ぼ and in katakana as ボ.

Bonnetto (ボンネット) comes from the word ‘bonnet’, which is how Japanese people refer to the hood of their cars. (How silly is that?) OK, yes, I know that in England the term is bonnet. The silliness comes in when they choose to call the trunk a ‘trunk’ rather than a ‘boot’. I often joke that their cars are half British and half American.

Bottou suru (ぼっとうする・没頭する) is a term used when one is totally distracted because they are engrossed in something else. I first learned this when I was trying to explain junior high students just staring out the window as I was directly addressing them. Later I learned it was good for describing me after I would meet my girlfriend for tea and chatting.

Our next soundcheck will start the third pass down the H column. Yes, you heard right, we will make a third pass. The first pass was unaccented and the second pass was accented; what other choices are there? Come back and see.


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