Changing of the Guard


After graduating from college, I took a job in Houston, Texas working for a smallish, technology-oriented engineering consulting firm. Our field was considered black magic by many practical engineers at the plants. A couple other firms in the world were attempting to implement projects and failing at it; which furthered the belief that it was all smoke and mirrors. However, our company had successful methods and technology which allowed us to work worldwide improving efficiency in the usage of oil and chemicals. Being at such a place was certainly a special experience, but there was more.

Many bright minds from varying backgrounds were being added to the company at the same time. It was a period of rapid growth. Perhaps because of our similar goals, or possibly our unstable lifestyles hopping from plant to plant, many of us bonded together. All manner of social events were planned, guest lists were not rigid, members could be absent on travel for long periods and were accepted right back with no passive-aggressive pressures. It really was nice.

Saturday another member of this group passed away. Words are failing me lately, but it is sad to get these reminders of life’s precious and fleeting nature. One point that got my attention was how recently he found his true love. Although they have only had a short life together, it sounds as though they both enjoyed it thoroughly until his passing. I hope to remember this lesson and embrace the time that God grants me with my sweetie.

Early this morning, shortly after 1 O’clock, a new life has begun. A fellow teacher from the Pacific Northwest has a new responsibility as his wife gave birth to their son. He, like me, lives in Ise and commutes to Tsu. With luck, I will have many chances to see his boy grow up.


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One Response to “Changing of the Guard”

  1. titus2woman Says:

    I am ever so thankful that children are ushered in as the light of others is extinguished. Children have a way of MAKING us keep going, even when we don’t wanna! Thank you for sharing this sentiment~it is all too easily forgotten, and there could never be enough reminders of how fleeting life is. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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