Sunday Soundcheck 48


The third sound in the ‘B’ column is ‘bu‘, written in hiragana as ぶ and katakana as ブ, and sounding similar to boo, but much shorter.

Buubi (ブービー) is merely the English word ‘booby’; however, the vowels are both really dragged out. In English the booby prize is for last place, but for some unknown reason in Japanese it is second to last place.

Bujini (ぶじに・無事に) is an adverb meaning ‘safely’ or ‘without hindrance’. I recently overstayed my visa in Japan; a danger of having a multiple year visa, which also expires in the midst of the busiest time of the year. Once I petitioned to not be expelled from the country and was granted a three year extension, I heard this term a few times. In actuality, the process for renewing was complicated by my failure, but since the government was well within their rights to refuse my request, we consider this ‘without hindrance’.


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