A Million One Would Be Nice


I have a million things I want to post, but now that I’m at a keyboard, I can’t seem to remember any of them.

We had a bummer this week. There is a wide alcove in the kitchen where we were hoping to put a hutch and shelves. My sweetie has a hutch she received in junior high school and I have some stainless, wire rack shelves which are too wide to fit in the alcove with the hutch. Note here, I didn’t say “the hutch is too wide to fit with the shelves”; an important distinction. Anyhow we found shelves from her favorite shop, Mujirushi (無印), with stainless columns and wood shelves in tones similar to the hutch, which happens to be the precise width to fit with the hutch… and is on sale. We managed to find some time together and came to the internet cafe to order them up. The website allowed us to put them in our virtual cart with other items; however, at checkout we got a message saying they are out of stock. We are hoping they will be in stock soon and at the reduced price.

I have been wanting to get all my supplies in the front closet organized. Special motivation came today when I pulled my medium pack out and caused a landslide. I found several types of bins and such in the Mujirushi catalog, but none of them seem to be perfect. Going to have to go for an imperfect solution soon, since the landslide is far less than perfect: it killed time and could have been worse if things like the box of dominoes had flown open.

Was offered a chance  to enter a drawing for a trip to Okinawa at a restaurant tonight. The details made me think of a word I learned in Kyoto several months back about which I want to post. The word is magirawashii (紛らわしい) and could have many meanings, but we’ll just go with ‘misleading’ for now.


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One Response to “A Million One Would Be Nice”

  1. Stefanie Says:

    Ah, the joys of setting up in a new house! I hope the shelves you want are restocked soon!

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