Sunday Soundcheck 45


Yikes! Has it really been two months since my last Soundcheck? Well, I still don’t have internet, but I’m using an internet cafe for the time being. So, I’ll grab this chance to finish the first pass through the H column, with ho. We write this in hiragana as ほ and katakana as ホ. Remember it’s ‘o’ as in home, not ‘o’ as in hot, nor ‘o’ as in women, nor woman. (Wow, English vowels are a disaster: everyone should learn Japanese.)

Let’s get started with a fun and simple one: hoihoi (ほいほい) means willingly, easily, or readily. I have heard this used a bit, but confused it with haihai (はいはい) which means creeping or crawling. I thought they were telling me someone would be reluctant to help me, but they meant someone would fall all over themselves to help me. I think I’ll remember it next time.

Having trouble finding a katakana word that strictly meets my rules, but let’s go with Honjurasu (ホンジュラス) which is Honduras in English. This may not come up in daily conversation for everyone, but I like talking about my experience on the next island down from Roatan and I can never get people to understand when I just say it in English, even when I explain it is a country in Central America.

For a bonus, I’ll throw in some vegetation. I have probably mentioned before that most plant names get written in katakana. Popeye’s favorite is hourensou (ほうれんそう・菠薐草) or spinach.

I’ll do my best to get another Soundcheck in next Sunday, but arranging the apartment has been busy and my 44th birthday is on Sunday.


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